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The body is made of many organs that tend to have various functions. Since these are different organs which work differently sometimes they tend to have complications due to inconsistency in functioning thus someone is pronounced sick. For example we have heard of a liver failure, heart diseases, eye problems, joint pain issues all these are body part organs and are intended to function normally. It is sad that some of the complications we experienced are caused by what we eat and also the lifestyle we are leaving.

Food supplements are good since they are not chemical related and they are very healthy since they are natural. Food supplements help our bodies in fighting any gradual failure like body immune, joint pain, vitamins, anemia amongst others the supplements are to be taken for a longer period than the medicine since they work gradually. Experts say that religious taking of supplements will keep you away from any complications since they help in body boosting. But doctors have always advised that in case of any complications during supplement taking the person must however seek medical advice as supplements are not medicines but body boosters and work gradually. In case of any emergency the victim is therefore advised to seek medical advice and have himself prescribed some medicine.

Diseases are many and they come with various repercussions that’s why sometimes even during supplement taking one can always fall sick thus may need to be prescribed some medicines. These medicines are prescribed depending on the type of disease found or detected in the body. Doctors are there to help and treat ailing victims and that will of course depend with what they have seen that the victim is suffering from. There are different types of medicine that is the herbals and the normal medicines.

From experiences some people believe more in herbs since they feel it is natural with no side effects and any chemicals. All medicines are vital since they cure diseases at the end of the day but some people prefer herbs since they believe they are natural and healthy too. If you are looking for something with no side effect then you can always try herbs, they are pure and natural. We all want to lead a healthy life free from any diseases or complications that’s why all the medicines are important as they treat us differently and all of them have advantages and disadvantages.

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